1. (Source: 45fthc)

  2. Photo by Cloud Nine

  3. Rijeka

    This ship was converted to carry containers; not originally built as a container ship

  5. Shipping Containers, Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York
    Robert A. Coles on Flickr

  6. Germany-based SICK is making container terminal operations “trouble-free” with a new range of sensor solutions. A new Reach Stacker Assistance System (RAS1200) has been developed to provide operator assistance in critical manoeuvres while reversing. In case the reach stacker is approaching an obstacle, the system alerts the operator automatically via an alarm and a graphic display of the obstacles’ relative position to the vehicle.

    See more at: http://www.portstrategy.com/news101/products-and-services/sick-helps-launch-trouble-free-operations#sthash.j46I4S1K.dpuf

  8. Compagnie Maritime Zairoise KANANGA in Lisbon, 1977. Photographed by Miguel Correia; uploaded to ShipSpotting by Brian Fisher

  9. Peter Sumpter photo

  10. Photo via Tugster

  11. truckingworldwide:

    Kalmar container mover

  12. Barcelona
    natalerusson on Instagram

  13. Danny Cornelssen photo/PortPictures.nl

  14. ADABELLE LYKES at Bremerhaven, 1992. Gerald Sorger photo

  15. grupaok:

    Film still, Allan Sekula and Noël Burch, The Forgotten Space, 2010

    (via 45fthc)